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Made4net makes it a priority to assure customers experience a smooth and successful implementation process. As a leading provider of supply chain solutions, its professional services team, using results proven methodology, works side-by-side with customers to develop a customized, detail-oriented plan and then assigns responsibilities and sets milestones.

Made4net’s professional services team include skilled experts in project management, implementation and development, training and support, all of whom have extensive experience in the supply chain industry, and can share a wealth of practical best practice knowledge and insight.

During the implementation process, Made4net’s expert team configures the system(s) to meet customer specific business requirements. Additionally, the project manager works in partnership with the customer’s team to develop and execute the appropriate plan, designed to address the most critical points in the system(s).

The team also assures the customer that all WMS applications are fine-tuned, functioning to meet the specific needs of their supply chain operations. A further plan is then developed to leverage the robust functionality of Made4net’s WMS software solution that will take the business to the next level.

Made4net’s implementation process also includes regular and as needed customer support follow-up and thorough end-user training and education to assure the maximum value and operating efficiency is attained from the supply chain WMS software solution.

Made4net has compiled an impressive history of successful systems implementations, ranging from very small systems at single site facilities to complex solutions throughout multi-national organizations. The Made4net methodology has remained the same throughout: understand the customer’s business requirements through process methodology, thorough planning, comprehensive training and the right leadership to assure a successful project implementation.