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Made4net appreciates the importance of its customers’ supply chain day-to-day business operations and their impact on the bottom line. Therefore, it assigns a customer service and technical support team to each customer at the start of the implementation phase and will remain dedicated to the customer throughout the implementation process to provide personalized assistance and ongoing support for their day-to-day operational processes.

Made4net’s Customer Support Team, a part of the Implementation Team, is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the supply chain industry. Their expertise lies in such areas as supply chain operations, integration, reporting, testing and user training. Team members are knowledgeable about the customer’s product history and capabilities, along with being well-versed with the customer’s supply chain business operations and specific WMS software configuration.

The customer support and service professionals access customer systems securely and remotely to perform tasks such as system diagnostics, troubleshooting investigations and providing necessary system updates. When necessary, the team provides on-site professional services.