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Many large scale supply chain projects fail because end-users and other responsible personnel lack the training and resultant knowledge about the software systems’ features, capabilities and proper usage.

Made4net maintains that configured and customized software training across the enterprise is the primary key to the successful operation of Supply Chain Execution software solutions. Therefore, its training programs are custom built to meet their customers’ specific business needs, requirements and processes.

Made4net training professionals develop for each customer, a focused, high-quality educational curriculum and content specifically tailored to the requirements of their customers’ key personnel, from end-users to supervisors, and others as may be required. The objective is to provide each group with its own specialized training and educational content and materials that are related to their individual job responsibilities.

The agenda and curriculum created by Made4net training professionals enables each area and target audience personnel the ability to achieve total system understanding and knowledge that will lead them to perform their daily job responsibilities more efficiently.