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Labor Management System

Manage and monitor your workforce to optimize productivity with configurable formula based LMS tools

Improve Labor Productivity

Improvements in warehouse/distribution center productivity metrics are frequently achieved through the implementation of best practice methods and efficient processes. Establishing fair labor standards and introducing focused associate training and education initiatives also serve to boost productivity performance. Additionally, labor management and workforce productivity solutions enable warehouse management to identify and eliminate inefficient work processes and islands of waste, which have an adverse impact on productivity.

The LMS standards are integral with the user defined formulas to introduce a large degree of flexibility to measures of warehouse associates performance, utilization and efficiency. The LMS also provides the means to define various factors affecting workforce performance, such as personal, fatigue and delay allowances.

Made4net’s Labor Management System includes the following major enhancements:

  • Tools to establish labor standards and measure productivity. The Made4net LMS includes a flexible worker scheduling tool that enables supervisors to define shifts and working days for each associate. It also empowers supervisors to evaluate employee requirements based on work assignment data. Planning activities are developed with the same labor standard engine and data as used for the actual labor activities. A planning dashboard is included with a powerful and easy-to-navigate drilldown capability.
  • Tools to assist supervisors to manage, coach and improve workforce teams. Supervisors can record the reviews and goals they set with each associate, and then follow-up by tracking the individual’s progress with trend reports and dashboards. The LMS incentive functions are designed to assist operator performance and rewards them appropriately. The formula-based incentive engine is designed to calculate incentive pay based on a variety of criteria, including group performance, experience, activity and quality. The software solution also provides the tools for worker observations, allowing supervisors to view whether the proper methods are being performed for each labor activity.
  • Standard reports to highlight worker performance. These documents include the complete daily timeline of activities that measure the efficiency and utilization of each worker. Made4net Labor Management enables the supervisor to group associates into an unlimited number of report groups to meet the needs of the organization. The web-based dashboard is configurable and displays real-time labor activity. The dashboard components are driven by the configuration and preferences defined for each user login allowing users to track key data that pertain to their area of responsibility. Each user is able to drilldown to detail data at an increasing level of granularity, including down to the labor element level.
  • Methods to record labor activities from external systems. Labor activities from external systems such as WMS or time clocks to direct input into RF terminal or fixed station kiosks are enabled with the Made4net LMS. The kiosk and RF screens can record indirect labor activities such as breaks and maintenance work; they also can be utilized to record direct labor activities that are not tracked by the WMS, such as value-added services. The Made4net LMS captures individual as well as team-based labor activities. Associates can join and leave teams on the kiosk or RF screens and the system will allocate the work performed to each team member. Supervisors also have the authority to enter adjustments and delays for any labor activity; adjustments can be for an individual record or for an entire group.

Key Features

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Real-time Dashboards and Charts
  • Direct and Indirect Labor Tracking
  • Labor Planning and Scheduling
  • Observation Management
  • Productivity and Utilization Reporting
  • Engineered Labor Standards
  • Single and Multi-variable Standards
  • XYZ and Travel Calculations
  • PF&D Tracking

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