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The movement, tracking and management of inventory and documents in a supply chain technology environment consist of many discrete processes which include ordering, transportation, storing, picking, packing, value-added services, shipping, delivery and the list keeps growing. Different organizations have a different array of processes, business flows and business restrictions – Retailers vs. wholesalers vs. logistics service providers etc. Different materials have completely different inventory representations, handling and inventory management rules – Foods vs. Apparel vs. Electronics etc.

An organization that wishes to implement a supply chain IT solution for its execution processes has to face these challenges and more. Our SCExpert™ Suite has been engineered from the ground up to provide a solution that specifically addresses these challenges by combining state of the art supply chain management technology with a deep understanding of the issues and needs of businesses that depend on well managed and optimized logistical processes. This approach has resulted in some fundamental capabilities that set our solution apart.

  • Extensible Data Model – Allowing an easy implementation of varying inventory and document models, and for multiple models to coexist within the same implementation
  • Extensible Business Logic – Allowing the user to define multi level (Warehouse, Client, Material group, Material etc.) policies and affect the flow and logic of processes as well as allowing integrators to easily incorporate customized business logic components.
  • Feature Rich User Experience – Enabling users to easily configure their owns Views, Searches, Reports, Charts, Visual alerts and gauges as well as the ability to configure a custom organizational portal that can use any internal or external application component.
  • Role based user access – Allowing control of user access permissions at all levels of the application by group as well as by individual user.
  • Bidirectional Open Interface – A Service based, configurable transaction definition set allows for:
  • Easy integration to third party applications. Pre-defined templates for the more popular systems such SAP R/3, Oracle, SAP Business One, Syspro, QuickBooks and others are available.
  • Easy access of third party programs to application transactions and services allows the harnessing of our supply chain management technology by external systems.
  • A Rich set of cross-application services - Provides extended application basic capabilities such as – Audits, Alerts, Reporting, Label printing, Event Management, and more.
  • Distributed Execution – Messaging and Service based execution of application transactions and services means an easy way to configure transaction flow, a flexible implementation on varying network topologies, and substantial salability.
  • Unified Implementation – All of Made4net's supply chain management applications and the Netlog toolset are built on the same platform, meaning that all the capabilities described above are automatically and consistently available throughout the entire suite.

Global deployment and support at an affordable price

Microsoft’s .NET platform is a pervasive deployment environment - Especially among small and medium businesses but increasingly amongst large and tier-one organizations. All component applications of the SCExpert™ Suite are built entirely on .NET. This provides a state of the art, robust, standards based, well supported deployment platform at very affordable prices.

Microsoft Technologies

Rich Web-Based, Networked Application Web applications offer tremendous advantages in terms of easy and low cost deployment, dynamic user interface flows and forms and in providing global networked access. All of Made4net’s products are built as Web-Based application fully exploiting these advantages. At the same time, we have taken great care in making sure that the challenges that usually associated with web application are fully addressed, turning these challenges into advantages Networked application – Taking full advantage of the .Net environment to build a full set of Logistics Business Objects, a Service Oriented Architecture and proprietary platform that underlie all our applications, not only is the user interface totally separated from the business logic and services but the same services are seamlessly used by RF devices, automated machinery, third party servers (RFID), third party interfaces.

Rich User Interface – While the web is great for browsing, web applications need to provide a much more streamlined user experience in order to maintain user productivity. We have taken great care in making sure that all our web applications indeed fulfill that requirement through a platform that provides a consistent, well defined user interface across all application. Through the use of AJAX technology, we are constantly improving the user experience. Distributed Deployment – All these choices mean that we can support an unlimited number of deployment scenarios. From a single local server on the client’s site to a distributed network of servers, as well as in the cloud.

An adaptive network of services

The SCExpert™ Suite is made up of a network of independent services (Service Oriented Architecture SOA) that can be accessed asynchronously though a messaging layer (MSMQ). This architecture allows for these services to be accessed from any networked application possessing the right permissions without the need for knowledge of that service’s underlying implementation and logic.

SCExpert Technologies

In practical terms, this provides consistent execution of business logic from any application client – be it an user on a web browser, a mobile device or automated machinery – as well as a tremendous flexibility in defining the business flow that best fits an organization’s requirements. Examples of application services in a warehouse environment would be inventory transactions, space allocation, pick planning etc. while platform services would include things like Audits, Reporting, Labeling, Task scheduling and more.

External systems can also interact with all of our applications through Web Services using standard XML formatted messages and just as other clients access the same business logic.

Feature rich application environment

Made4net has developed a unique proprietary environment that underlies all the applications in the SCExpert™ Suite as well as the Netlog™ Supply Chain Visibility toolset. This approach guaranties a feature rich environment that provides a consistent behavior across all applications – this also means that any new features in the platform can immediately benefit all applications.

Main Features - SCExpert™ Suite

User Interface
  • Customizable Views – Each user can configure the view of screen and search from as well as the search results grid
  • User Graphs – Every query result in any screen can be turned into a number of graph formats
  • “Skinable” – an open skin structure allows you to create your own skin (screen graphical background). Skin can be selected per user.
  • Multi Lingual – Dictionary based, the system supports any language including right-to-left and Unicode. Forms automatically re-size to the language translation. Currently implemented dictionaries include in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.
  • User Dictionary – User can implement custom dictionaries to fit the specific business terminology (ex: SKU vs. Material vs. Part Number etc.
  • Locale – takes care of other locale issues such as dates, directions symbols etc.
  • User language – language preferences can be set per user and changed on the fly
Utilities and Configuration Tools
  • Export – Every query result in any screen can be downloaded into an Excel™ sheet either in the screen formatted version or as raw data
  • Reports - every query result in any screen can be turned into a published report
  • Labels – Label format can be customized per client (Bartender™ label design software)
  • Import Manager – Add hoc loading of data from Excel, CSV or XML formatted data
  • Open Database – Data Access layer isolated the business logic from the database transactions and can be extended through the implementation of Data Connectors. Currently implemented data connectors for SQL, Oracle
  • Security
  • Permission can be defined at every level of the application per screen, per element and per function on the screen.
  • Groups and user permissions
  • Third party integration
  • XML based data mapping allows the easy creation of interfaces to any standard host system or proprietary legacy applications
  • Standard connectors are implemented for SAP R/3, SAP Business One, and Dynamics (AX,GP)

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